Transforming Support into Impact

Unlock Growth through Strategic Donor Acquisition.

Acquire Donors Effectively

We specialize in transforming the way you connect with potential supporters.

Our mission is clear: to assist you in attracting new audiences who are not just donors but passionate advocates for your cause.

What Will We Do?
Mapping Donor Journey and Prospect Identification
Campaign Development and Execution
Digital Advertising Strategy
Engagement and Relationship Building
Personalization Strategy

Who stands to benefit from this service?

  • Early-Stage Nonprofits: Nonprofits seeking effective strategies to secure their first set of donors and establish a strong foundation for sustainable growth.
  • Nonprofits with Growth Ambitions: Aiming to expand their donor base and attract a more diverse range of supporters for increased impact.
  • Digital Engagement Leaders: Organizations with a sizeable digital audience, including social media followers and petition signers, looking to strategically convert digital engagement into committed and long-term donors.

Ready to enhance your NGO's donor acquisition strategy and attract new supporters?

Let's embark on a journey together to implement these effective strategies.

Our Partners

SkytreeDGTL has provided digital strategy assistance to over 14 different industries in Indonesia. We have been helping organizations of all sizes for years, to grow and develop through digital marketing.
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