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Transforming Lives with Clean Water: Empowered Communities in East Bali

For many years, the remote communities of East Bali, Indonesia, have faced significant challenges in accessing clean water and sanitation facilities. These challenges have led to widespread poverty, poor health, and limited economic opportunities for residents. However, in 1998, a group of local leaders came together to form the East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of these communities. The organization has since become a beacon of hope and empowerment for the people of East Bali, providing access to education, healthcare, and clean water that has helped to transform the region.

In 2020, EBPP launched a digital donation crowdfunding campaign “Empowering Communities with Clean Water”, to raise funds to provide clean water and sanitation facilities to remote communities in East Bali, building on their legacy of empowering the most vulnerable communities in the region.

The campaign aimed to address one of the most pressing issues faced by the remote communities in East Bali, which is the lack of access to clean water and sanitation facilities. Many people in these communities have to walk long distances to collect water from rivers or other natural sources, which is often contaminated and unsafe for consumption. This not only affects their health but also limits their ability to pursue education and economic opportunities.

The campaign focused on providing clean water and sanitation facilities to remote communities in East Bali, intending to empower these communities and improve their quality of life. The campaign used the crowdfunding platform GlobalGiving to raise funds, allowing the organization to reach a global audience of potential donors.

To ensure the success of the campaign, the EBPP provided a clear and specific message about the campaign’s objectives and the impact that it would have. The organization also built partnerships and collaborations with local community organizations, schools, and government agencies to support the campaign, and to help promote it to a wider audience.

Throughout the campaign, the EBPP provided regular updates and transparent reporting to donors and supporters, sharing photos and videos of the clean water and sanitation facilities being installed, as well as testimonials from community members. This helped to create a sense of trust and accountability and to demonstrate the impact of the campaign.

The “Empowering Communities with Clean Water” campaign was a success, having raised USD 31,782 from 92 donors. The campaign enabled the organization to provide clean water and sanitation facilities to more than 800 people in remote communities in East Bali. Through this campaign, the EBPP helped to empower these communities by providing them with access to clean water, which is critical for improving health, reducing poverty, and promoting sustainable development.

The success of the “Empowering Communities with Clean Water” campaign demonstrates the power of digital donation crowdfunding to make a significant impact, even for smaller organizations working on specific issues in Indonesia. The East Bali Poverty Project has been able to improve the lives of thousands of people in East Bali and continues to work towards a future where all communities in the region have access to education, healthcare, and clean water.


Editorial note: The case provided in this article is intended to showcase examples of successful digital donation crowdfunding campaigns by NGOs. They are not meant to serve as a promotional tool for any specific NGO or campaign, but rather to highlight the potential impact that NGOs can make through the strategic use of digital platforms. The information provided is based on publicly available sources and is intended to serve as educational content for those interested in learning about digital donation crowdfunding campaigns and their potential to make a difference in the world.